Bringing the best tax advisors and whistleblower attorneys together to represent clients in the most challenging tax fraud whistleblower cases.

The Tax Whistleblower Attorneys Group (“TWAG”) was formed in 2021 as a coalition between two of the world’s foremost experts in whistleblower laws, Dean Zerbe and Stephen M. Kohn. Zerbe and Kohn both represented the most successful tax whistleblower in program history, Bradley Birkenfeld, who received a $104 million award based on information concerning tax fraud at UBS.

Zerbe, a partner at Zerbe, Miller, Fingeret, Frank & Jadav LLP, was the driving force behind the drafting and passage of legislation that created the Whistleblower Office at the IRS. Kohn, a founding partner at Kohn Kohn & Colapinto, is widely recognized as one of the nation’s leading qui tam and whistleblower attorneys, and helped to win the largest reward ever paid to an individual under the related action provisions of the IRS, SEC and DOJ programs ($177 million).

The joint venture between these two firms brings together some of the most successful and knowledgeable tax whistleblower attorneys in the country. TWAG was founded in order to provide quality representation specifically to whistleblowers who have intimate knowledge of tax and other financial fraud. Through the firm’s deep bench of experts, clients receive world-class representation before a variety of government whistleblower programs and U.S. courts in their endeavor to root out fraud.