KKCIRS Whistleblower Program Recovers $472 Million from Tax Cheats
Dean Zerbe mentioned in Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto Press Release
12/29/2020IRS, Whistleblower ProgramRead Now
Tax NotesA Legislative History of the Modern Tax Whistleblower Program
by Dean Zerbe
10/26/2020IRS, Whistleblower ProgramRead Now
Tax NotesIRS Whistleblower Proceeds Decline From Previous Year
by Kristen A. Parillo, with commentary by Dean Zerbe
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Tax NotesFinance Committee Proposes Reforms To IRS Whistleblower Program
by Kristen A. Parillo, with commentary by Dean Zerbe
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Tax NotesA Whistleblower’s Cautionary Tale: Anonymity Isn’t Guaranteed
by Kristen A. Parillo, with commentary by Dean Zerbe
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CPAPAIRS Whistleblower Program Recovered $472 Million from Tax Cheats in 2020
by Dean Zerbe
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Law360Ukraine War Fuels Push To Expand Tax Whistleblower Program
by Alan K. Ota, Commentary from Dean Zerbe
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Accounting TodayIRS Turns to Data Analytics to Track Crypto Tax Evasion
by Michael Cohn with Commentary by Dean Zerbe
6/25/2021IRS, Tax Evasion, Crypto CurrencyRead Now
FORBESTax Whistleblower: If You Get A Rejection Letter From The IRS
by Dean Zerbe
6/10/2021IRS, Tax, Whistleblowers, Rejection LetterRead Now
FORBESIRS Reports Ten-Fold Increase in Tax Whistleblower Awards: $312 Million
by Dean Zerbe
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FORBESTax Whistleblower — The Dos And Don’ts Of Filing A Form 211
by Dean Zerbe
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FORBESTax Whistleblower: Update on IRS Whistleblower Program
by Dean Zerbe
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FORBESTax Whistleblower Report — Opportunity For New Administration To Crack Down On Big-Time Tax Cheats?
by Dean Zerbe
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Panel on Tax Whistleblowing
With Dean Zerbe, Stephen Kohn, Eric Hylton, Steven Miller

11/29/2021IRS Whistleblower Program, WhistleblowingRead Now

IRS Tax Whistleblower Program:
The Basics With A Focus On Offshore Accounts
With Dean Zerbe on National Whistleblower Day 2020

07/21/2021IRS Whistleblower Program, WhistleblowingRead Now
WSJThe Profitable Prospects of Snitching for the IRS
by Laura Saunders with Commentary from Dean Zerbe
04/26/2019IRS Whistleblower Program, WhistleblowingRead Now
Whistleblower Network NewsIRS Whistleblower Program Recovered $472 Million in 2020 – But Office is Plagued by Massive Delays
by Dean Zerbe
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Whistleblower Network NewsOpinion: Do I Have A Good Case For The IRS Whistleblower Program?
by Dean Zerbe
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FORBESTax Whistleblowers: What Tax Issues Does The IRS Want To Hear About From Whistleblowers?
by Dean Zerbe
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Whistleblower Network News

House Hearing Looks at SBA Whistleblower Award Program to Fight Pandemic Loan Fraud
With commentary from Dean Zerbe

1/28/2022IRS, Tax Law, Whistleblower ProgramRead Now
Whistleblower Network News

New D.C. Circuit Case Underscores When Tax Whistleblowers Should Consider Appealing to Court
by Dean Zerbe

1/27/2022IRS, Tax Law, Whistleblower ProgramRead Now
ReutersWhistleblower Rewards Law: Fixing Money Laundering Loopholes
by Stephen Kohn
1/28/2022Money LaunderingRead Now
Tax NotesShrink the Tax Gap by Strengthening the IRS Whistleblower Program
by Dean Zerbe
11/22/2021IRS, Whistleblower ProgramRead Now
the-hill Lucrative IRS Program Targeting Wealthy Tax Cheats is Withering from Lack of Funds
By Tobias Burns
9/14/2022CommentaryRead Now
huffington-postThis IRS Program For Catching Wealthy And Corporate Tax Cheats Is Broken
By Molly Redden, Commentary by Dean Zerbe
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FORBESIRS Whistleblower Program — Getting Back On Track
By Dean Zerbe
11/8/2022IRS Whistleblower RewardsRead Now
FORBESTax Whistleblowers — Increasing Your Award Percentage: Tax Court Decision In Luu Provides Illumination
By Dean Zerbe
1/11/2023IRS Whistleblower RewardsRead Now

Fraud by the Numbers
A Project of Taxpayers Against Fraud
With contribution from Matthew Beddingfield

12/30/2022IRS Whistleblower RewardsRead Now
FORBESTreasury Offers $5 Million To Those Who Dime Out Oligarchs, But Informants Might Get More If They Can Tap IRS Rewards Too
By Dean Zerbe
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The IRS Has More Cash, But Will Their New Plan to Use it Work?
By Matthew Beddingfield

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IRS Whistleblower Program Report Shows Increase in Award Amounts, Processing Times
By Matthew Beddingfield

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Even By Fraud Business Standards, The Issue of Money Laundering is Huge
By Matthew Beddingfield and Tony Munter

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So, You Want to Be a Tax Whistleblower
With Commentary from Dean Zerbe

8/16/2023IRS Whistleblower ProgramRead Now
Bloomberg Tax

IRS Whistleblower Gets $11.9 Million in Fortune 500 Tax Recovery
With Commentary from Dean Zerbe

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Bloomberg Tax

GOP IRS Whistleblower Portal Makes Some Advocates Uneasy
With Commentary from Dean Zerbe

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