Whistleblower Advocacy

Members of the TWAG team include former IRS Commissioners and Senior Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee. Whistleblower advocacy doesn’t simply end at the agency or the courthouse. TWAG continues the fight for the interests of their clients at Capitol Hill and in the media in order to ensure that whistleblowers with knowledge of financial fraud are both adequately protected and incentivized to come forward. Through advocacy letters and partnerships with the National Whistleblower Center, TWAG brings to light the most pressing issues that tax whistleblowers face day after day.

Throughout their careers, members of TWAG have helped to obtain many of the rights that tax whistleblowers receive today, including:

  • A guaranteed reward of 15-50 percent through the IRS Whistleblower Program when an investigation using a whistleblower’s information leads to collected proceeds
  • The broadening of the definition of “collected proceeds” to include criminal fines and civil forfeitures
  • The guarantee of anonymity in front of the Internal Revenue Service and a developed area of case law to foster anonymity in front of the U.S. Tax Court

Whistleblowers risk their careers and lives on a daily basis in the battle against fraud. TWAG takes those risks to heart and works hand in hand with its client base to advocate for their interests beyond the standard arena for whistleblower attorneys.