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False Claims Act

The False Claims Act (“FCA”) enables whistleblowers to bring forward cases of fraud on behalf of the government as private citizens. The False Claims Act gives whistleblowers who have firsthand knowledge of false or fraudulent claims to report them to the appropriate government officials, file a qui tam suit and incentivizes whistleblowers to work directly with government investigators.

Under the False Claim Act’s reward provision, if a whistleblower’s original information results in a sanction against a fraudster, they are entitled to a minimum payment of 15% and a maximum payment of 30% of the proceeds collected by the government. The government is required to make these payments. If the government refuses to pay the required reward, whistleblowers can challenge that denial in court.

There are no “caps” on awards; the value of the information the whistleblower provides serves as the basis for the amount of the award. As such, the better the information, the larger the sanction. The larger the sanction, the larger the award.

TWAG attorneys can help whistleblowers with original information concerning fraud against the government bring that evidence to the government anonymously and obtain a monetary award.