Our Process

Members of the Tax Whistleblower Attorneys Group (“TWAG”) have a combined decades worth of experience representing some of the world’s most successful tax and other financial whistleblowers.

The team at TWAG leverages that experience to provide their clients with first-class service using a collaborative process that ensures the relevant government agency is provided with a claim that has the best chance of initiating a successful investigation that leads to collected proceeds and monetary reward.

TWAG’s representation process includes:


TWAG team members will conduct a thorough consultation after reviewing the facts put forth in a consultation request to determine whether our team is the best fit to represent a specific client’s interests.

Only after conducting a thorough analysis of the facts, circumstances and evidence surrounding a prospective whistleblower’s claims will TWAG take on a new client, ensuring a selective process that leads to successful results.

Our Process - Reviewing Intakes
Our Process - Puzzle Pieces Together


After engaging with a client, TWAG attorneys prioritize a collaborative work process wherein all relevant facts and substantiating evidence are worked through as a team in order to present the information to the relevant government authority in the most effective way.


Once a claim has been filed and the government has determined whether or not to pursue an investigation or deliver a reward to the client, TWAG attorneys will aggressively represent the client’s interests at the appropriate venue.

Whether before the government agency, the courts, Congress or the media, TWAG representatives actively fight to ensure that the whistleblower is protected and their information is given the attention it deserves.

Our Process - Stephen Kohn on Whistleblower Advocacy
Blowing the Whistle With Us


Even after a claim has been settled, the job is not done. Whether it’s an instance of whistleblower retaliation or further advocacy is warranted before the government, TWAG members are relentless in their efforts to protect the interests of their clients.

TWAG continuously works to improve whistleblower programs across a variety of government institutions so that the next generation of brave informants have great incentives, protections, and opportunities to disclose instances of fraud.

Coming forward as a whistleblower is no easy feat. Claimants oftentimes put their career and livelihood at risk in order to bring truth to light. Whistleblowers are the most effective way to root out fraud, and TWAG representatives believe that the process of representing a client’s interests don’t stop once a claim is filed.