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Why Should I Hire a Whistleblower Attorney?

Coming forward with evidence of tax fraud can be an emotionally draining process. More often than not, claimants with the IRS Whistleblower Office have made attempts to escalate the issues they are blowing the whistle on at their place of work with very little success of acknowledgment.

It is certainly an option for taxpayers to file their own claim with the IRS Whistleblower Office using a Form 211, Application for Award for Original Information. However, having experienced counsel to guide you through the process increases the likelihood of the agency reviewing the issues brought forward and a reward being the end result.

The experienced whistleblower attorneys at TWAG have decades worth of experience helping their clients shine a light on tax fraud that that has robbed the U.S. government out of billions of dollars in revenue. Veteran tax whistleblower attorneys are able to offer protection for their clients as well as unique insights into how the Internal Revenue Service Whistleblower Office prefers information to be relayed to them and can craft a client’s story in a way that encourages the agency to act.

The tax whistleblower attorneys at TWAG have formed relationships with critical players in the IRS Whistleblower Office over the years and have successfully navigated the often-complex waters of the IRS Whistleblower Program many times.

There are several benefits to having a whistleblower attorney represent you through the process of filing a claim for award, particularly through the IRS Whistleblower Office. In the end, perhaps the biggest benefit is that partnering with a tax whistleblower attorney will allow for the relevant information to be relayed to the agency in an efficient manner while protecting a clients’ interests in a time that can be taxing on the claimant in a variety of ways.